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by Leah Garchik
San Francisco Chronicle
April 14, 2005

If you're driving north of San Rafael on Route 101, keep your eyes on the road. But you might ask the passenger next to you to have a look at a large window in the Lights of Rafael store, where artist George Sumner and Donnalei Sumner, his wife, have presided over his painting of a 26-by-10-foot underwater mural. This is to call attention to endangered oceans, and it's the first in a series in tribute to World Environment Day, being marked the first week of June.

P.S. Meanwhile, Earth Day, April 22, is being celebrated in San Francisco by the usually private Joni Mitchell, who's giving a rare talk at the Commonwealth Club about her love for the environment. Andrew Lawton, chairman of the club's Environment and National Resources Committee, says that several local singers had turned him down for the gig, which doesn't pay anything. He was thrilled when Mitchell's management said she'd agreed to be here.

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