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Joni Mitchell full of memories Print-ready version

by Nancy Russell
Saskatoon StarPhoenix
December 27, 1974
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JONI MITCHELL, Miles Of Aisles. WEA Music of Canada, AB 202

Doing justice to Joni Mitchell's music with words is a near impossible feat, especially, when so many of her songs come together, as on her latest album Miles of Aisles.

Her first double album set and her first exploration into basing an album on live performances, the finished product is full of memories and promises from a great star and sensitive individual.

The album trips back to Circle Game and Both Sides Now, gives a bit of everything in between then and now and includes two new compositions, Jericho and Love or Money. The 18 songs present a portrait of an artist who continues to produce fresh new sounds but relies on her own personal steadfast qualities for support.

She obviously values everything around her, whether it be good or bad, and bits and pieces of her life and its encounters float into her music. You Turn Me On I'm A Radio, Carey and Big Yellow Taxi are there just as they were repeatedly played on radio stations across North America.

The precious sounds of A Case Of You, Real Good For Free and Rainy Night House are also there, sounding better than ever.

The back-up sounds of the L.A. Express blend in well with most of her songs, although she does just as well without the group when she accompanies herself on the piano, guitar and dulcimer.

'We can't return, we can only look behind from where we came', comes from Circle Game and from her heart, but fans can look back on her music and feel good about it, knowing there will be more.

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