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Guthrie-Mitchell - Echoes of Summer Premiere Print-ready version

Edwardsville Intelligencer
July 29, 1969

It's all over but the "echo," the Mississippi River Festival of symphonic and folk, pop, and rock music, but folksinger fans can return to the scene of the successful first summer Sunday by tuning in KETC-Ch. 9 to 7 p.m.

At that time, folksingers Arlo Guthrie ("Alice's Restaurant") and Joni Mitchell will return via video tape for a repeat of their July 7 performance at SIU.

The two-hour program will be seen nationwide on the education station's weekly "Sounds of Summer" series. It includes an interview with the performer-songwriters.

Guthrie's "talking blues" became a national hit when he recorded his satirical "Alice's Restaurant." A movie based on the song and starring Guthrie was completed this year.

In many of his compositions, Arlo Guthrie presents a theme, adorns it with hilarious narrative, frequently interjected with his favorite adjective "weird." The son of the late folk musician Woody Guthrie, the entertainer accompanies himself on six or 12-string guitar and piano.

The voice of Canadian-born Joni Mitchell, described as "free and pure," will be heard in such songs as "Both Sides Now," "Chelsea Morning" and "Michael from the Mountain."

The 24-year-old attractive blonde has now written more than 60 songs and her voice, according to one reviewer, equals Bob Dylan's in richness and profusion of imagery and surpasses his in conciseness and direction.

Sounds of Summer visits a different music festival every Sunday evening. With host Steve Allen, it is produced by MET through a Ford Foundation and Corporation of Public Broadcasting grant.

A Ch. 9 crew helped in taping the Guthrie-Mitchell show. Assisting were John Moormann, SIU director of TV programming and production, and three communications students. They are Tom Webb, Edwardsville; Terry Daney, Belleville, and Neal Kassebaum, O'Fallon.

Ch. 9 is currently in a "Memberthon," a drive to double the number of viewers who contribute to the station's support. Information and a sample program guide may be obtained by writing to the station at 6996 Millbrook Blvd., St. Louis, Mo.

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