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Dallas Morning News
May 27, 1976
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Singer Joni Mitchell revealed Wednesday "private, rather intimate, personal property" was stolen from her hotel room 10 days ago while she was in Fort Worth appearing with Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Review.

Miss Mitchell said she is offering a $100 cash reward for the return of her portfolio which contains a "diary of personal drawings, several songs in progress, a few telephone numbers, a darning needle."

She said she was "pretty sure" the portfolio was taken by a fan from her room at the Green Oaks Inn in Fort Worth where she and the rest of the participants in The Rolling Thunder Revue stayed May 16.

"It's a spontaneous diary and it's private, rather intimate, it's my own," Miss Mitchell said during a telephone conversation from New Mexico. "It's personal property that belongs in someone's head and is not for publication. I could hardly believe someone would take it."

She said anyone knowing anything about the missing portfolio could leave word at one of two Dallas telephone numbers (826-3964 or 745-8437) or write to 9120 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif., 90069

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