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Saskatoon StarPhoenix
October 29, 1969

Joni Mitchell is coming to the Centennial Auditorium on Saturday night.

Her concert is being sponsored by the University of Saskatchewan but tickets, if any are left, are available to the general public.

Joni's parents live in Saskatoon and as an international folk singer, her fame is widely-spreading.

What is there left to say about her talents?

If you've been reading the Star-Phoenix lately, the notices have been there.

Her involvement at the Mariposa Folk Festival, where she started her career in 1964 and where she still returns annually because it was her launching pad.

Her productiveness in song writing, her output sometimes numbering more than 60 a year.

Her recordings for Warner Brothers-Seven Arts, who practically give her a free hand in material.

Her record reviews, which included a New York Times' comment "Joni Mitchell's songs are the product of her fascination with changes of heart, changes of mind, changes of season and changes of self."

Her rapid climb in the concert and recording business to where she now earns $500,000 a year and is in constant demand.

Her first movie: Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant in which she appears briefly, singing her own Songs to Aging Children.

Her own publishing company, which produces only her songs and paints album covers and writes one-line notes.

Her last concert here: March 15, when 2,000 thrilled to a one-star performance.

And what do Americans think of a Canadian star?

A Detroit reviewer wrote: "She is a beautiful woman. Her voice and her acoustic guitar are free, pure instruments in themselves: there is an additional beauty in the way she uses them to convey such a full range of idea-emotions.

"As a songwriter she plays Yang to Bob Dylan's Yin, equaling him in richness and profusion of imaginary and surpassing him in conciseness and direction."

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