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Winter Weekend Features Joni Mitchell, Blanket Concert Print-ready version

by J.D. Cattell II
Worcester Poly Tech News
December 9, 1969
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Winter weekend this year opens on Friday evening, at 8 p.m, in Harrington Auditorium, with a concert given by Joni Mitchell. Joni, whose writing credits include "Both Sides Now", had decided to quit the concert business for a year. Her concert here and another in Buffalo will end a very successful string of public appearances. Her stunning physical attributes matched her vocal virtuosity, thereby promising this to be an excellent evening of entertainment. Tickets for this concert are $2.50 for Tech students and their dates, while $3.50 for others.

Saturday at 2 p.m. in the Alumni Gym will be a blanket concert with the McCoys and comedian Uncle Dirty. The McCoys are a rock group which has been around for quite a while. Most of you remember "Hang on Sloopy" and "Fever", which were popular a few years back and were cut when they were still in their middle teens. They [sic] grown up a bit since then, which is reflected in their two most recent albums. It is too bad they do not have the public notoriety due them.

Uncle Dirty (Bob Altman) is a former Wall Street broker and Miami cabaret owner turned comedian. He is a combination of several successful typical jokesters, folding into a pattern mostly reminiscent of Mort Sahl. He is learned, likely and without a doubt an excellent showman.

A bar will be set up and drinks of all kinds will be available for a nominal fee. Tickets for this Saturday afternoon extravaganza will be $1.00 for Tech students, and $2.00 for others.

Saturday night our basketball team swings into action and on Sunday 3 p.m. the Lowell State College Concert Choir will give a concert as part of the Worcester Art Museum series at the Art Museum court.

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