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by Kurt Harju
Michigan Daily
December 11, 1974
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Though some may disapprove of the way she's moving from folk to a more popular and jazzy style, the change suits Joni Mitchell as well as an evening gown - and that fits perfectly.

The proof is in her new two record live set Miles of Aisles (Asylum AB 202) of the tour she made this summer with Tom Scott and the L. A. Express.

The difference is most clearly seen in her older material such as "Both Sides New [sic]" or "Big Yellow Taxi" that the brilliant back-up band transforms into fresh and exciting soft rock. But as great as the music is, it isn't half as good as Joni's captivating vocals that more fully express the sophisticated but still sensitive someone she has become in the success this release acknowledges.

While this is very nearly a greatest hits collection, it unfortunately neglects her most recent work that best realizes the music stance she's now taking. In compensation, she ends the set with two new songs "Jericho" and "Love or Money" that lyrically and otherwise show why she's the reigning queen of the pop scene.

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