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Teen Set
September 1968
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At one point almost every creative songwriter in this country has been labeled a poet by one critic or zealour [sic] reviewer, and students of English have become more and more horrified that the rambling undisciplined verbalizing of the songwriters should be dubbed poetry. But the labeling is not what's important, it's what the words are saying.

Joni Mitchell is a pop poet. In her first album, she also proves that she is one of the finest singers today. The album simply entitled Joni Mitchell was produced for Reprise by former Byrd David Crosby. It is a collection of Miss Mitchell's songs; songs that abound in tenderness and understanding.

She is a unique writer in that her songs become small visual vignettes of life, of people. One gets an almost cinematic feeling from listening to her words. Certainly, it is almost impossible to ignore the completeness of the tale of "Marci" [sic] - you know Marci, you know the writer of the letter that never comes, you even know where Marci has gone. An extraordinary achievement.

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