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Gris-Gris Goes Ga-Ga Print-ready version

by Chris Vanness
Los Angeles Free Press
December 7, 1973
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Speaking of the Troubadour, I stopped by last Friday night to catch Dr. John's set one more time, and I (and the rest of the audience) received an unexpected treat. For both the second and third shows that evening, a few of Dr. John's friends stopped by to jam. The results were far from together, but the energy and excitement made for one of the most fun rock and roll parties I have ever stumbled upon. The "friends" who played during the second set were John Lennon, Elton John and Bobby Womack. Those dropping in for the third set were Cher, Joni Mitchell and Bonnie Bramlett. And for those of you who are into gossip, five of the six "friends" are more or less single these days (you figure it out).

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