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by Jerry Shriver
Mansfield News Journal
August 5, 1979
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Joni Mitchell, "Mingus," (Asylum 5E-505)

This jazz treasure chest began as a collaboration between legendary jazz composer and bassist Charles Mingus and multi-musical stylist Joni Mitchell. With Mingus' death in January of this year, it became a moving and fitting tribute to a moody, multi-faceted genius whose impact on blues and jazz rhythmic structures will be felt for years to come.

Mitchell has never shone brighter and with as much depth as she does here, given plenty of room to work in Mingus' skeletal structures. It is her voice, guided by Mingus through daring improvisational journeys, that makes the album, rather than the lyrics she composed for Mingus' sparse melodies.

The absolute cream of the current jazz scene lends healthy support but never steals the show (with the exception perhaps of Jaco Pastorious' looping bass lines in "Sweet Sucker Dance.")

Attractively packaged with special record sleeve and four charming paintings by Mitchell, this is a set Mingus fans must not miss.

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