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January 17, 1976

Asia, Australia, UK, Europe Scheduled

LOS ANGELES - Joni Mitchell will step out onto the international road shortly for her first world concert tour. Following her first solo American dates in a year-and-a-half (aside from her involvement in Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue), Ms. Mitchell is scheduled for appearances in Asia, Australia, Great Britain and Europe.

Joni Mitchell's current tour will begin in Minneapolis (16) and concentrate on college and minor markets not normally touched upon by major artists. For these, and the remainder of the global dates, Mitchell will appear with members of the L.A. Express, the same band that toured twice with her in 1974 and has recorded with her, as well, on both her popular "Court And Spark" LP and her current "The Hissing Of Summer Lawns," which is establishing itself, according to Asylum, as her fastest-selling studio album to date.

The tour is being coordinated by Elliot Roberts of Lookout Management and Jeff Franklin of ATJ. It will open at the University of Minnesota (16) and continue at Purdue University (18); Keil Opera House, St. Louis (20); Sam Houston College (22); San Antonio Municipal Auditorium (23); University of Oklahoma (25); Memorial Auditorium, Dallas (26); the Austin Coliseum (28), L.S.U. Assembly Center (29); and the Charlotte, N.C. Coliseum (31).

February will find Ms. Mitchell at the University of Alabama (1); University of Georgia (3); the Memphis, Tenn. Mid-South Coliseum (4); William & Mary College (6); Duke University (7); University of Kentucky (9); University of Ohio (10); University of Dayton (12); the Cleveland Ohio Public Hall (13); Pittsburgh's Civic Arena (16); Providence, Rhode Island Civic Center (18); the Music Hall in Boston (19); Nassau Coliseum (20); Cole Field House in College Park, Maryland (22); New Haven Coliseum (23); Syracuse War Memorial (24); University of Michigan (27) and University of Wisconsin (29).

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