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Joni Mitchell Manages to Fuse Musical Styles Print-ready version

by Gary Graff
Detroit Free Press
July 5, 1983

The Performer: Joni Mitchell

The Show: Monday Night, Pine Knob Music Theatre, I-75 and Sashabaw Road, Clarkeston. Call 647-7790 anytime.

The Band: Mitchell (vocals, guitar), Michael Landau (guitar), Larry Klein (bass), Russell Ferrante (keyboards) and Vinni Colaiuta (drums).

The Past: Mitchell started out playing fold and pop, adventured through jazz and came back last fall with "Wild Things Run Fast," an album that seamlessly fuses all those styles. The 39 year old songwriter’s concert – part of her first tour in several years – is a good chance to take stock of her career, including haunting "Woodstock," the optimistic "Both Sides Now" and "Chinese Café." A hypnotic number from the "Wild Things" album.

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