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Joni Mitchell Songbook - Complete Volume 2

by Joni Mitchell [Warner Brothers Publications - 1975]

190 page songbook to accompany the album. Includes 12 pages of color photos by Mitchell. Designed by Anthony Hudson.

Contains music, lyrics and chords for the following songs:
A Case of You; All I Want; Blue; California; Carey; Little Green; My Old Man; River; The Last Time I Saw Richard; This Flight Tonight; Banquet; Barangrill; Blonde in the Bleachers; Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire; Electricity; For the Roses; Judgement of the Moon and Stars; Lesson in Survival; Let the Wind Carry Me; See You Sometime; Woman of Heart and Mind; You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio; Car On A Hill; Court and Spark; Down to You; Free Man in Paris; Help Me; Just Like This Train; People's Party; Raised on Robbery; The Same Situation; Trouble Child.


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