Dining Room, Laurel Canyon

Joni's comments from the StarArt book: "[This and 'Table Laurel Canyon I'] are of the kitchen table I had in Laurel Canyon, one done in the day and the other at night. It was a delicious room; the windows were big and the trees were quite a bit below so it was literally like living in a tree house. I've always been drawn to color; I had a bright blue salad bowl, a purple candlestick and very vivid hand-embroidered place mats. Everything was folk-artish as a matter of face, so I guess my aesthetics were still quite related to folk music."

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LordPatty on

V.v.gogh, no regrets coyote, U free woman uni-verse

bozito on

This is genius. The table and chair could be father and son! They are so related and so warm and alike to one another! And one argues the horizontal and the other the vertical! perfect!
The entire setting is of such a LOVING FAMILY!! It's so inviting and uplifting and cheering!! It's a wonderful symbol of LOVE!! Monet's silly water lilies do not convey such PURE LOVE as this painting does!! It has a child's simplicity of approach and appeal too -- it is a work that would appeal to both adult and child!! It's sheer genius as it spans the art tastes of age and reaches across human social boundaries to unite the human aesthetic "at table."
It is priceless. Conceptually, it is a masterpiece and technically too, as it flows with such warmth and simple joy. No Cezanne has this much JOY!! No Modigliani, no Picasso!! Only Joni Mitchell has this much HAPPINESS and is so hip to the simple good life!!
Three cheers for Joni for KEEPING IT SIMPLE!!!
This is closer to zen, closer to the heart, closer to true love, and maternal instincts, caring and sharing with others.
This is a Woman of Heart and Mind we can LEARN FROM! She Is Queen Undisputed Of Mind Beauty!!
YAY JONI!! THIS is the sort of work that puts all that "painterly" effort to shame -- too bothery, too too much, too intellectual, too narcissistic, too self-centered. THIS is where it's at.
Love you! Just love you. K.I.S.S.

And the giveaway? Is the candle. That you love the romantic light and time, the sacred time of peace and quiet and soft words between lovers and friends. It's such a joy to see the candle in front -- it's so obvious and yet so subtle - magic. Works on the subonscious in such a magical way ... what would a candlelit conversation with Joni in Laurel Canyon have been like? Mmmmmhmmm ..  [ed.]