(from Wonder, Joy and Magic by Robert Everett-Green) © Toronto Globe and Mail October 22, 2001
She talked of how on Sept. 11 she sat in front of her TV, snapping photo after photo of the smoke billowing from the World Trade Center, and of all the shapes she found in those clouds of destruction. Teddy bears, demonic figures, Arab heads in turbans, ravens flying up -- it was all there, and further proof of the mystic psychedelic coherence of the world Mitchell lives in.

(from LA Times 21/10/2001) "I laid [my photos] out, two of a kind, and I was just playing around with the images absent-mindedly when I realized that by putting them edge to edge that a repetitive pattern occurred. So I started this series of paintings, which I call 'Repetism.' They represent the fact that the world on Sept. 11 turned upside down."

--Musician Joni Mitchell, explaining her images of the World Trade Center in flames and the comforting view from her bedroom window.

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