Winnipeg Harvest Auction

Joni painted this ceramic bowl to be auctioned on eBay for the 2nd Annual Celebrity Bowl Auction and Soup Dinner, sponsored by Winnipeg Harvest.

Auction winner Jack Robertson writes "In 2006, Joni painted this bowl for a charity auction in support of Winnipeg Harvest, an organization whose mission is to feed the poverty stricken. A critical interpretation says that the outside of the bowl, dark black, brings to mind the cold bleakness of hunger; the inside of the bowl, with a bright green brim and summery colors, shows us the warmth and happiness that can be found within the bleakness, through charity and good will. In parallel, Joni's musicianship and poetry have fed and nurtured my spirit for some 30+ years now: when my bowl felt black and empty, she filled it with an ever-hopeful heart and empathetic compassion. To have my studio graced by a rare piece of her always compelling and beautiful artwork is humbling, inspiring in many ways, and leaves me wordless again in the face of her slient eloquence."

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Willie_Yanock on

It would make a nice ashtray for my cigars.

AnnBrodnax on

I couldn't agree more with sharonharrison and Jack's comments,"when my bowl felt black and empty, she filled it with an ever-hopeful heart and empathetic compassion". Bravo Jack, and Joni (of course!).

sharonharrison on

I'm glad Jack Robinson got this bowl. It is indeed worthy of him. His appreciation is more than apparent. Beautiful interpretation by him.