Love Is All Love

This was sent in by Sharon Bruley, who wrote to me with this information: In 1966 I worked for attorney Armand Kunz. At that time he did some work for Joni and her then husband, Chuck Mitchell. Much of our work was done in the evenings, or on the weekends. I remember one time taking a trip to Toronto, Canada with Armand and some friends to hear Joni and Chuck sing in one of the local folk hangouts. Anyway, back to my story. At that time I had a newborn son, Michael. He too would sit wide eyed in his baby chair while we worked on copyright work and promotional activities. During that time I had the opportunity to see some of Joni's paintings. I asked her if she would do one for Michael and me. She did. It is the most beautiful picture, like her wonderful songs. It is a picture of a bird with the words Love is All Love painted into one of the wings with the most vibrant colors of greens and yellows. Thank you Sharon for sending in this lovely painting

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frankh99 on

It is a more realistic impression in today's terms of the woodstock times and the red under chin shows her great heart. so tactile the head and beak. Love

peterbond08 on

Its all her chords from all her songs in colour..bondy uk

peterbond08 on

Its all her chords from all her songs in colour..bondy uk

sharonharrison on

I love this. So evocative of the times when she did the work. The colors are soothing and hypnotic.