Too Much!

This item was found framed at a thrift store in Los Angeles in 2019. The price tag was $9.99 and it was half off ($5!) the day the new owner bought it. Taking it out of the frame revealed it be original (not a copy) as 1) it was torn from a sketchpad, 2) the ink had leaked through the back side of the paper. Joni's signature was probably an afterthought as it was done with a different, thinner pen - perhaps explaining the reason for it fading as compared to the rest. (The date is approximate and based on other dated works)

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tmwlsn on

I really enjoyed the Elton John interview. You look and sound great. I still think of Betsy, in fact, sometimes I call out her name. Have you seen the monster house they built where her cherished darling abode was? EVIL! I'm still doing art. Collages now. Treetops and skies of the Alps. As ever, Tommy

tmwlsn on

This makes me think of a mutual friend, Betsy, who liked to sit in her dressing room while I stood in it's doorway, a few steps up, and talk. I will always love her. I never thought I would never see her again. I wish I knew if she had peace in the end. (I'm fearful Joni being ill pained Betsy terribly)