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Johnnynix on

Hi Les, I am 51 y/y and have been an admirer of Joni's for decades, as have millions of people. I recently purchased hand written lyrics of Joni's in NYC, as well as a doodle of hers. It broke my bank but the joy it has brought me is indescribable - but most importantly, when people come over to my home they are blown away. I have both items professionally hung w/ custom lighting that hits it in such a way that when ppl see it they know it's very special to me. If i were Joni, I wouldn't want to part with her works of art - but maybe Joni would like to know that this art would be cherished and share by her forever fans, that helped make her the success she was and is. If any of her work comes up - PLEASE let me know. Other than my animals, Joni is next on the list! :) Johnny

Johnnynix on

O I wish Joni would allow for some of her works to be sold to her dearest fans. I love this piece so speaks to me.

rosenbar on

I love this painting!!!! :)