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This work-in-progress lists all currently known appearances, drawn from a variety of sources.
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1974.08.27 Joni's next appearance The Music Shed at Tanglewood Lenox, MA

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  • I shot this photo of Joni at Tanglewood but I can't remember if this shot is from '74 or '69.  If I have the wrong date here, someone let me know and I'll repost it to the proper one, thanks. 
Terry Holland [terryh]
  • One of Joni's appearances at Tanglewood, the Berkshire summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  Photo by Terry Holland [terryh]

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cinner on

I saw Joni in the summer of 1977 at Tanglewood in Massachusetts. We started on the lawn, but ended in the shed because of the weather. It was an amazing night. LA express was amazing, but the acoustic sets with just Joni and her guitar or piano was transcendent. I still listen to Joni every day.

lml on

My sister and I drove about 3 hours I think, from N.H. I remember the evening was pure bliss, and yes indeed serious rain. Joni was her outrageous spirit. I was 16 and it was the first time seeing her in concert - the rain did not matter...Miles of Aisles...a grand memory of her voice, the beat, her shimmering shirt and lots of brass.

pamelaroses on

I do remember the weather was wet. Perhaps a summer afternoon shower. We had lawn tickets. Ended up in the shed in empty seats 3/4 back close to center. I couldn't believe how magical it was. I'm pretty sure they were having weather related technical problems. The crowd could have been getting rowdy. Too much free time on their hands. We had a cassette player/recorder with us, what today would be called a small boom- box and ended up getting a pretty good tape of her performance. As I said it was a very magical experience for me. It made a very special venu even better for me for the rest of my life. I wouldn't be surprised if Arlo was there too! Joni will always hold a very special place in my h<3art!

darkcafemanager on

The most predominant memory I have of that concert is... the respect that the audience gave Joni by not beginning to applaud 'til the last note of the song was struck. They wanted to hear every note. v

chijbw1 on

All I remember (35 years later) is how much I loved Joni and how disappointed I was when she rudely told her fans (who had been waiting in bad weather what seemed to be a long time) to "shut up" -- kind of ruined the moment.

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