Compiled by Simon Montgomery, © 2001

1983.07.10  Stanley Theater  Pittsburgh, PA

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iwadasn on 2014-Apr-24 at 18:19:41 GMT-5:
I remember that when she sang "For Free," she changed the lyrics to "they had never heard him on MTV" (instead of "on their TV"), MTV being a new phenomenon at the time, and she laughed at her own improvisation. She had a huge grand piano and, surprisingly, played songs from "Blue". I went home and wrote letters to my friends (that's what we did in those days) scattered across the country, saying "see this show, she's singing her classic songs, don't miss it...." Surely, a part of her poured into me that night, never to be forgotten. Thanks to the people who maintain this site, for letting me find the date of this concert.
rwarburt on 2014-Jan-01 at 10:12:03 GMT-5:
This concert was originally scheduled for the Civic Arena but had to be moved to the Stanley Theater... We rushed from one part of Pittsburgh to another and coming down 5th Avenue we were stopped on the sidewalk as, none other than Joni Mitchell stepped out of her Limo and enterered the stage door... Later in the concert as she sang "Furry Sings the Blues" the line of "My shiny Limo on his shanty streets" took on a completely different meaning. Thank you for you music an poetry and art... Oh, by the way, I first saw you on The Old Grey Whistle Test in the UK... And Hejira is my favorite album.