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  June 22 - A Conversation with Joni Mitchell by Martin, Debi

  June 17 - Trouble Child (Joni Mitchell and the History of My Sadness) by Chase, Clifford
  December  7 - A Conversation with Henry Diltz by Breese, Wally

  March 15 - A Conversation with David Crosby by Breese, Wally
  July  5 - A Conversation with Hemme Luttjeboer by Breese, Wally
  September 26 - Pass the Salt, Please by Irvin, Les
  October 17 - A Conversation with Ruth Barrett by Breese, Wally
  October 18 - A Conversation with Joellen Lapidus by Breese, Wally
  November 29 - A Conversation with Mark Roth by Breese, Wally

  January - Biography: 1964-1968 Early Years by Breese, Wally
  January - Biography: 1978-1980 Jazz Singer by Breese, Wally
  January - Biography: 1976-1977 Refuge of the Roads by Breese, Wally
  January - Biography: 1990-1995 Return to Roots by Breese, Wally
  January - Biography: 1981-1984 A Solid Love by Breese, Wally
  January - Biography: 1985-1989 Experimental 80's by Breese, Wally
  January - Biography: 1995-1997 Just Rewards by Breese, Wally
  January - Biography: 1974-1975 Fame Time by Breese, Wally
  January - Biography: 1968-1970 Emerging Popular Artist by Breese, Wally
  January - Biography: 1943-1963 Childhood Days by Breese, Wally
  January - Biography: 1971-1973 Confessional Poet by Breese, Wally
  March  7 - A Conversation with Tom Rush by Breese, Wally
  March 21 - A Conversation with Ingrid Pastorius by Breese, Wally
  April 11 - A Conversation with Brian Blade by Breese, Wally
  June 16 - Holland Festival Tribute to Joni Mitchell by Cardinale, Monica
  September  8 - Jody Denberg's Conversation with Joni Mitchell by Breese, Wally

  March - Excerpt from a conversation with Julie Larson by Breese, Wally
  April 16 - A Conversation with David Lahm by Breese, Wally
  November  1 - A Weekend with Joni by Breese, Wally

  May 20 - Our Lady Of Duality - an essay by L'Hommedieu, Jim
  August  8 - Review of Dog Eat Dog by Deste, Marcel

  May  1 - Joni Mitchell: A Work in Progress (A Fan's Perspective) by Scott, Mark

  March 28 - Wall to Wall Joni Mitchell by Muller, Bob

  August 29 - A Conversation with John Uren by Irvin, Les

  March  7 - Notes on a Joni Mitchell Experience by De Angelis, Maria

  March 25 - Estrella talks about the song Ladies of the Canyon by Berosini, Estrella
  April  1 - A Child Came Out To Wander, Part 1 by Berosini, Estrella
  April  1 - A Child Came Out To Wander, Part 2 by Berosini, Estrella
  April 16 - Growing up in the Circus by Berosini, Estrella
  April 19 - Trina talks about the song Ladies of the Canyon by Robbins, Trina
  April 21 - Trina on Trina by Robbins, Trina
  April 22 - Ladies Of The Canyon, And Other Unexpected Miracles by Berosini, Estrella
  April 29 - The Secret Songs Of A Lifetime and the Magic Dragon's Lair by Berosini, Estrella
  May  3 - She may bake some brownies today by Burden, Annie
  May  4 - Thoughts on the song Ladies of the Canyon and the time by Burden, Annie
  May 14 - Dawntreaders And The Captain Of Dreams, Part One by Berosini, Estrella
  May 20 - Matala Interview - Evelyn von Almassy by von Almassy, Evelyn
  June  9 - History of Gandalf Publishing by Mitchell, Chuck

  March  4 - The Vanity Case by Mitchell, Chuck
  June  1 - The Story of 'A Bird That Whistles' by Mittleman, Jack
  June 21 - Paved Paradise Redux: the Art of Joni Mitchell by Leader, Patrick
  October 31 - Joni: A Tribute To The Legendary Joni Mitchell by Thorne, Mark-Leon

  February 27 - A Little Light Shines on the Hope & the Hopelessness by Scott, Mark

  February 24 - A Conversation with Sheila Weller by Flynn, Richard
  June 17 - Anniversaries: 'Blue' and 'Hejira' - Mile posts on a Lonely Road by Scott, Mark
  September 12 - A Conversation with Max Bennett by Blackburn, Dave

  December  1 - A Conversation with Jean Grand-Maitre by Scott, Mark

  March  6 - A Conversation with Buffy Sainte-Marie  
  June  7 - A Conversation with Corky Siegel by Muller, Bob
  September 17 - A Conversation with Mike Gibbs by Blackburn, Dave
  September 30 - Meeting Joni: The Sheriff and the Chicken by Monical, Julie
  December  4 - A Conversation with Alex Acuna by Blackburn, Dave

  May  8 - I Come From Open Prairie... by Scott, Mark
  May 16 - Oh, but California... by Scott, Mark
  June  3 - Crown and anchor me or let me sail away... by Scott, Mark
  July 10 - Did you get a round resounding for you way up here? by Scott, Mark

  July  3 - Pleasant Distractions or Life Savers? The impact and appeal of Joni Mitchell’s songs by Tedder, Anita
  July  3 - From the Literate to the Literal: Joni Mitchell as a Comic Muse by Robinson, Jim