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A lively book party for Anjelica Huston may have solved the ongoing mystery of the nature of Hollywood relationships.

by Carson Griffith
Town & Country (Magazine)
March 2014
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"People think Hollywood friendships don't run deep," said Irena Medavoy, who recently co-hosted a party with her husband, Orion Pictures co-founder Mike Medavoy, to celebrate Anjelica Huston's memoir, A Story Lately Told. "But we always show up for each other; it's just not always captured by a camera." Huston herself echoed the sentiment in a speech to guests about her long-standing friendship with the Medavoys. (Mike was a close friend of Huston's late husband, the sculptor Robert Graham, and the Medavoys are avid collectors of his work.)

This theory on Hollywood relationship DNA gained further traction when Jack Nicholson, who was linked to Huston for 17 years, was spotted warmly chatting with her while double-fisting champagne and a bottle of Evian. Joni Mitchell was also there—"She held court outside for the smokers," Irena said—as were Jane Fonda and her dog Tulea, who hoped onto Helen Mirren's lap. Lauren Hutton seemed to be Instagramming Huston's toast from her perch on the couch.

But as Irena, ever the consummate hostess, pointed out, "There should always be one point of drama at any party." That came when Australian film director (and ex-girlfriend of Al Pacino) Lyndall Hobbs "crashed her Range Rover into someone else's car when she didn't put it into park at the valet stand," Irena said.

The celebration also drew Richard Perry, Taylor Hackford, Chris Dodd, Sherry Lansing and Angella and David Nazarian (and was co-hosted by T&C). Guests were offered Irish-and English-inspired dishes as a nod to Huston's Anglo-Celtic upbringing, and Casamigos, Rande Gerber and George Clooney's tequila, was served at the bar. Not that anyone needed libations to enhance the mood. The evening went late into the night, with one of Irena's neighbors the last to depart. "Everyone thinks Jon Lovitz is so shy," Irena said. "But he was one of the last to leave!"

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