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This song appears on the album 'Clouds'

This song appears on the album 'The Studio Albums, 1968-1979'

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I Don't Know Where I Stand

by Joni Mitchell   Printer-friendly version of this lyric

Funny day, looking for laughter and finding it there
Sunny day, braiding wild flowers and leaves in my hair
Picked up a pencil and wrote "I love you" in my finest hand
Wanted to send it, but I don't know where I stand

Telephone, even the sound of your voice is still new
All alone in California and talking to you
And feeling too foolish and strange to say the words that I had planned
I guess it's too early, 'cause I don't know where I stand

Crickets call, courting their ladies in star-dappled green
Thickets tall, until the morning comes up like a dream
All muted and misty, so drowsy now I'll take what sleep I can
I know that I miss you, but I don't know where I stand
I know that I miss you, but I don't know where I stand

© 1969; Siquomb Publishing Company

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I Don't Know Where I Stand has been recorded by 34 others

Antonioli, Laurie (from "Songs of Shadow, Songs of Light " - 2014)
Buck, Dennis (from "Basic Jazz Techniques" - 1978)
Caputo, Valeria (- )
Cashe, Leora (- 2002)
Childs, Geri (from "More Than Magic" - 2014)
Chua, Tanya (from "Bored" - 1998)
Copland, Marc (from "Alone" - 2009)
Davy, Marie (- )
De'Borah (from "Waiting Games (EP)" - 2013)
Ellipsis (from "Ellipsis" - 2005)
Fairport Convention (from "Fairport Convention" - 1968)
Foster, Linda  (from "Roads Traveled" - 2006)
Haslam, Annie (from "One Enchanted Evening" - 2002)
Johnson, Orville  (from "Slide & Joy" - 1999)
LaMott, Nancy (from "(unreleased live performance)" - 1995)
Lauletta, Jennifer (from "Things We Said Today" - )
Leora Cashe & The Ross Taggart Trio  (from "Another Side Now - The Songs of Joni Mitchell" - 2007)
Lucas, Chanel (from "Festival Folk Sing Joni Mitchell" - 2010)
Marc Copland, Drew Gress & Jochen Rueckert (from "Some More Love Songs" - 2012)
Nereide (from "Nereide sings Joni Mitchell" - 2010)
Puoane, Tutu (from "Quiet Now" - 2009)
Shivesen Jazz Choir (from "Rogers Choirs 1982-1983" - 1983)
Singers Unlimited (from "A Capella II" - 1974)
Streisand, Barbra (from "Stoney End" - 1971)
Streisand, Barbra (from "(live performance April 7, 1973)" - 1973)
Taylor, Stephanie (from "I Don't Know Where I Stand" - 1970)
The Newcomers (from "Western Illinois University presents "The Newcomers"" - 1972)
Tom & Judy (from "Make Someone Happy" - )
University of Northern Colorado Vocal Jazz Ensemble (from "Hot!" - 1980)
Vincent, James (from "45 Single" - )
Wessels, Mary Ellen (from "Current Obsessions" - 1996)
Wheatones (from "In The Mood" - 1978)
Whiffenpoofs of 1972 (from "Whiffenpoofs of 1972: Out To Lunch" - )
Winters, Ellen (from "Secret Of Life" - 2006)
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