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Released: May 1969

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Composed and arranged by Joni Mitchell
Recorded at A&M Studios, Hollywood, California (thank you)
Engineered by Henry Lewy
"Tin Angel" produced by Paul Rothchild
Special thanks to Michael Vossi and Elliott Roberts
All music published by Siquomb Publishing Corp., 55 Liberty Street, New York, N.Y. 10005
Cover art by Joni Mitchell
Art direction: Ed Thrasher

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» Guitar Transcriptions

 » Both Sides Now (Guitar chords by Harlan Thompson)
 » Both Sides Now (Guitar tablature by Sue McNamara) - Rated 10.00
 » Both Sides Now (Guitar tablature by Steve DiBartola) - Rated 10.00
 » Both Sides Now (Guitar tablature by Alessandro Miotto)
 » Chelsea Morning (Guitar tablature by Sue McNamara) - Rated 10.00
 » Chelsea Morning (Guitar tablature by Kurt Richter)
 » Chelsea Morning (Guitar chords by Harlan Thompson) - Rated 3.67
 » I Don't Know Where I Stand (Guitar chords by Sue McNamara) - Rated 4.50
 » I Think I Understand (Guitar tablature by Marian Russell)
 » I Think I Understand (Guitar tablature by Pat Hillis)
 » I Think I Understand (Guitar tablature by Tracy Wundrock and Marian Russell) - Rated 10.00
 » I Think I Understand (Guitar tablature by Thomas Morris)
 » Roses Blue (Guitar chords by Pat Hillis)
 » Songs To Aging Children Come (Guitar chords by Marian Russell)
 » Songs To Aging Children Come (Guitar tablature by Sue McNamara) - Rated 10.00
 » That Song About The Midway (Guitar chords by Marian Russell and Sue McNamara) - Rated 9.00
 » That Song About The Midway (Guitar tablature by Rebecca Payne and David Beal) - Rated 10.00
 » That Song About The Midway (Guitar chords by Sue McNamara) - Rated 9.00
 » The Gallery (Guitar tablature by David Katz)
 » The Gallery (Guitar chords by Sue McNamara)
 » Tin Angel (Guitar tablature by Marian Russell) - Rated 10.00

» Piano Transcriptions

 » The Fiddle And The Drum (vocal arrangement) (by Tim Weiss)
 » Tin Angel (by Michael Dunn)

Comments on this album

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Kaboodle on 2011-Dec-27 at 21:21:04 GMT-5:
"I Don't Know Where I Stand"---check out Fairport Convention's electric take on this great song on their Heyday record, which I believe is a record of BBC recordings.
may.allen on 2010-Feb-08 at 08:08:33 GMT-5:
Hi girls+boys+all of you people involved with setting up this web-page.i was listening to the "radio" the other day+fortunately,: JONI'S song Clouds was playin'! This piece of music took me back decades ago!! Unvoluntarily, i had to take part in the Vietnam war+and we had our ghetto blasters as a consolence 2 remain in touch with "back home".I,as well as the "kids" now-a-days ,involved in senceless "wars" search for positive messages from relatives,friends aquaintences,etc,etc! I watched the Clouds back then+still do! THANK YOU JONI
LKay09 on 2009-Jul-22 at 11:48:31 GMT-5:
So after devouring "Song to a Segull" and becoming completely obsessed with Joni Mitchell back in 1970, I had to purchase this album too and tried learning some of the songs in open tuning on my guitar. Joni Mitchell's early music will always hold a very special place in my heart.