Song Lyrics

Night In The City

by Joni Mitchell

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Light up light up
Light up your lazy blue eyes
Moon's up nights up
Taking the town by surprise

Night time night time
Day left an hour ago
City light time
Must you get ready so slow
There are places to come from
and places to go

Night in the city looks pretty to me
Night in the city looks fine
Music comes spilling out into the street
Colors go flashing in time

Take off take off
Take off your stay-at-home shoes
Break off shake off
Chase off those stay-at-home blues

Stairway stairway
Down to the crowds in the street
They go their way
Looking for faces to greet
But we run on laughing with no one to meet

Night in the city looks pretty to me
Night in the city looks fine
Music comes spilling out into the street
Colors go waltzing in time

© 1966 Gandalf Publishing Co.

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  • Whitely, Jenny (from "Back To The Garden" - 1992)
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georgecobbold on

Love the simple guitar intro; then how the guitar is used to create pace. Clever song XX

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