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Song To A Seagull

Released: March 1968

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» Album Notes

Produced by David Crosby
Engineer: Art Cryst
CD remastered by Lee Herschberg
CDD pre-mastering by The Record Group

Joni Mitchell on piano and guitar
Stephen Stills on bass
Lee Keefer and Joni Mitchell on banshee

This album is dedicated to Mr. Kratzman, who taught me to love words.

All songs written by Joni Mitchell

Cover photos: Mark Roth
Album cover art by Joni Mitchell
Art direction: Ed Thrasher

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 » Cactus Tree (Guitar tablature by Les Irvin) - Rated 9.25
 » Cactus Tree (Guitar chords by Harlan Thompson)
 » Cactus Tree (Guitar tablature by Sue McNamara)
 » I Had A King (Guitar tablature by Jared White)
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 » Marcie (Guitar chords by Paul Fullam)
 » Marcie (Guitar tablature by Howard Wright) - Rated 9.50
 » Michael From Mountains (Guitar chords by Sue McNamara)
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 » Nathan La Franeer (Guitar chords by Howard Wright)
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 » Nathan La Franeer (Guitar tablature by Markus Mauch) - Rated 10.00
 » Night In The City (Guitar tablature by Mark Domyancich)
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 » Night In The City (Guitar chords by Harlan Thompson) - Rated 10.00
 » Night In The City (Guitar chords by Marian Russell)
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 » Sisotowbell Lane (Guitar tablature by Marian Russell) - Rated 10.00
 » Song To A Seagull (Guitar tablature by Howard Wright) - Rated 9.00
 » Song To A Seagull (Guitar chords by Marian Russell)
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 » The Dawntreader (Guitar tablature by Tino Meinen) - Rated 10.00
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 » The Pirate Of Penance (Guitar tablature by Howard Wright)
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» Piano Transcriptions

 » I Had a King (by Michael Dunn) - Rated 9.00

Comments on this album

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georgecobbold on 2015-Jul-01 at 05:13:57 GMT-5:
Such a haunting album. Pity people overlook it. My favourite songs are "I Had A King" & "Sistowbell Lane". XX
jonifan on 2011-Apr-26 at 05:23:43 GMT-5:
Great album. With the exception of one song, this album is all voice and either guitar or piano. One of Joni's top three albums in my opinion. My favorite song is Sisotowbel Lane. Man, Joni can really paint pictures with words!
s6270 on 2010-Mar-05 at 13:59:26 GMT-5:
I agree with Jacquie. I am a kid who just found Joni's music. I find it infuriating that I can only see Joni's albums in a 5"x5" plastic frames with tiny artwork. My parents don't have any of Joni's records, so I'm stuck with buying those tiny CDs.

Either way, the contents of the disc, whether in a 5x5 plastic case or a 12x12 cardboard sleeve, are great introduction to Joni's work. "I Had a King," with its melodic guitar intro, which follow the notes permeating from Joni's mouth, is my favorite cut on the album. The lyrics are incredible.

"Song to a Seagull" is another favorite of mine, to which I was introduced by Buffy Sainte-Marie's cover version. It's simple yet eloquent melody coupled with Joni's voice is spine-tingling. "Nathan La Franeer" is equally eloquent. It captures the essence of the cab-driver perfectly.

This is one of the most amazing debut albums I've ever heard. David Crosby was right to keep this album purely Joni, no session-musicians. SONG TO A SEAGULL captures Joni Mitchell at the tip of the iceberg of her career. It's a pleasure to listen to. In case you haven't listened to this record (highly unlikely, I know), BUY IT.
Jacquie on 2009-Nov-21 at 11:38:30 GMT-5:
I don't even remember how this LP landed in my room but it sweetly bewitched me forever, music and cover artwork. I keep it has one of my most precious belongings, yet no one would guess because it's just there among the others. I wouldn't think of getting the CD. (How can we admire the cover art work on such small frames?)
LKay09 on 2009-Jul-22 at 11:43:35 GMT-5:
Song to a Seagull! This was my very first Joni Mitchell album - I had purchased it back in 1970 (?) for my best friend's birthday because I liked the artwork on the cover! After listening to it I had to buy myself the album too. My best friend and I taught ourselves to play guitar and tried learning every song. Ahh... SWEET memories! :-)