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Who Has Seen The Wind

by Joni Mitchell

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Who has seen the wind
Scalloping the sea
Or gliding like a swallow
Over villages and trees?
"I have," said the willow
"And I begged him please to stay
But he went away
He went on his own one day.

And I sing, "One love have I"
And he sings "Now it's good-bye"
And I sing, "Part of me dies
Until I see you again."

Who has seen the sun
Through a parasol of leaves
Through scattered ruby cloud fires
Through the silver wings of bees
"I have," said the waters
"And I held his face to mine,
But he left in time
He went in his own good time."

Who has seen the stranger
In a coat of simple brown
With his face of many faces
With his eyes turned out of town
I have, and I kissed him
And I begged him please to stay
But he went away
With the sun and the wind away.

© 1967; by Gandalf Publishing, owned by Siquomb Publishing

Footnotes to Who Has Seen The Wind

Here is Joni's introduction to this song from her performance at The Living End in Detroit in 1967:

Here’s another one, while I’m in this tuning, this is a sort of unveiling of things that I’ve written while on the road … in C modal tuning, oh no, C tuning … My favorite author is a Canadiana … Canadians are very patriotic, especially this year, because it’s Expo year in Canada, as well as being Centennial year … and my favorite author, only by coincidence, is W. O. Mitchell. He writes about my home province of Saskatchewan, and mostly about a fictitious place called Crocus, Saskatchewan, and he builds wonderful characters, and writes all kinds of “I wish I had said that,” sort of images, and he wrote this book called Who Has Seen The Wind? And I wrote a song called Who Has Seen The Wind …

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