Guitar and Piano Transcriptions

The Jungle Line

Guitar chords transcribed by Howard Wright

Tuning: AAC#EAE  (other transcriptions in this same tuning)
"Joni" Tuning: A 12 4 3 5 7
Tuning pattern: xo4357  (others in this same pattern)

Author Notes:

Note that the bottom string is tuned an octave lower than the 5th string. This is pretty low for a standard
set of strings. I find you have to tune the bottom string so it sounds a tiny bit flat when its played open -
that way, when fretted it will sound in tune. Using a heavy gauge bottom string will help the tuning here.

The guitar is pretty low in the mix for this song, but after some careful listening, I'm pretty sure I've got the
right chord shapes. There's just one section where the guitar is drowned out by drums and synthesizer,
which makes it very hard to figure out what is played. This is the part where Joni sings (from the first

"all that jazz", "modern nights", "the jungle line".

It's incredibly difficult to pick out much of the guitar part at this point - I can hear the top two open
strings, but it's hard to figure out the rest.

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