Mountain Gorge

Photo from a 1994 Reprise Records promotional postcard booklet of Joni's original paintings promoting the release of the album TURBULENT INDIGO.

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David Marshall on

Get this, Willie_Yanock. No-one said this painting was in the same league as Bierstadt, or the famous Canadian mountain painter W.J. Phillips. We like it cuz it's Joni's, and she is a far better painter than Bierstadt was a singer-songwriter.

David Marshall on

This is the Wokkpash Gorge (Indigenous People's name, common in Canada) in the far northern Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. Google Images will confirm the identification. She did good with the colors here.

Woodlandgnome on

Barren to Beautiful

jbp1954 on

I couldn't do anything this beautiful and would have the opinion that it isn't "crap"! Each to his own, I'm sure.

Willie_Yanock on

Does anyone actually think this crap comes close to Albert Bierstadt?