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Ladies of the Canyon

Joni's comments from the StarArt book: "This was the cover for the 'Ladies of the Canyon' album. The figure is a self-portrait and in the folds of the skirt I put the view from the window of my Laurel Canyon house. So it was just a personal neighborhood statement."

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Early Figurative
8 x 10¾ in
Felt pen
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Comments on Ladies of the Canyon

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DeniseA on 2009-Jul-17 at 08:07:22 GMT-5:
I cannot begin to tell you what this album cover (and album!) mean to me. My two best friends and I loved loved loved every song but especially the "Ladies of the Canyon." We each quickly identified with one of the "ladies." We were in college in San Francsico when the album came out and each of us passionately connected with the overall themes of the album - searching, questioning, and celebrating. Thank you Joni - you were a huge influence during that time of our lives and we will hold you in our hearts forever. - Denise Aubuchon