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Miles Davis

(Joni Mitchell, quoted from Miles Electric - A Different Kind Of Blue)
I spent the days after his death painting a portrait of him as I frequently do when I lose somebody that I cared for, and a... this... Wayne took a look at the painting and he said a... "Well you painted him a kinda blue", the skin tone 'cuz he had that magnificent mahogany colour y'know in my rendition of it was kinda blue.

(from: A Conversation with Joni Mitchell by Daniel Levitin © Grammy Magazine March 1997) JM: Yeah, he liked my painting and he'd seen this print that a mutual friend of ours had and he called me up, (whispers) 'Joni, I like that painting that you did. Nice colors. I want to come over and watch you paint.' So he would talk painting but he wouldn't talk music with me. He never would talk music.

DL: So you knew him?

JM: A little bit. I approached him on many occasions to play with me see, and he wouldn't play with me. When he died, his son inherited his record collection, and he said to me, "Joni, did you give Dad all your records?"

I said "no, on a couple of occasions I gave him just a tape that I wanted him to play on and an art print to bribe him, or something (laughs)..."

He said, "well he had all your records. And at the end he moved your print from the bathroom up to the side of his bed."

And I thought he must have just been getting ready play with me when he died.

I went to see him four days before he died, along with Wayne Shorter and a whole group of us. He was playing at the Hollywood Bowl, and I walked into the dressing room, and Miles had his hand on Wayne's shoulder and he was talking music to him.

This was unusual, because Miles never talked music; he ordinarily didn't give a lot of instruction. After the show I asked Wayne what they were talking about, and Wayne said that Miles was kind of passing the baton to him. He must have known he was gonna die ...

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Late Figurative, Neo-Classicism

Oil on canvas
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Comments on Miles Davis

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Tinar on 2013-Oct-24 at 09:34:43 GMT-5:
here is another meaning to "Turbulent Indigo" this...and love the back a blessing the intersection however oblique, of these two geniuses

Hey Bozito,,,Dude..please chill out..this is not a forum for every thought that comes in your have undoubtedly scared everyone else away..please...quiet now
bozito on 2011-Sep-12 at 12:42:18 GMT-5:
You only think that's what it says.

Miles said it, sure as he was his son's father.

He'd had the print where he'd have the most privacy to think.

Then, when that was difficult, he moved it closer, I'd say.

He probably loved you, Joni. As a fan, too. And what are WORDS compared to ACTIONS for a man or woman or artist? He COULDN"T TALK ABOUT HIS MUSIC because it was something he DID, he MADE, no matter how much THOUGHT he may've given it, imho.

Don't you know how to CRY, dearheart?

Honestly ...

All the man needed was a few tears to match his own. He loved you, Joni, he loved you.
bozito on 2011-Sep-12 at 10:59:24 GMT-5:
What is a FACT?
Let's take what Miles' son SAID:
When he died, his son inherited his record collection, and he said to me, "Joni, did you give Dad all your records?"

I said "no, on a couple of occasions I gave him just a tape that I wanted him to play on and an art print to bribe him, or something (laughs)..."

He said, "well he had all your records. And at the end he moved your print from the bathroom up to the side of his bed."

He might as well have asked her if she'd been to all his concerts and collected everything he'd ever done, if you ask me. No, that's right, you didn't ask me. But her conclusion is:

And I thought he must have just been getting ready [to] play with me when he died.

What is the difference between a rationalization and a delusion? I discuss it at length in my blog which you can find if you know any of my friends or Les; Les knows who I am. Sin Livre. Les Irvin.

A rationalization is the proposition that the ratio x/y can and SHOULD be MINIMIZED via some process like:
sqrt(x)/y where sqrt(x) means take the square root
x/y^n where n is some exponent.
a rationalization is the opposite process whereby x is somehow MAXIMIZED relative to y (via hyperbole).

But a delusion is where one takes a plausible or implausible idea and holds it to be factual, for example, sqrt(fist) or (diamond-fish)/White House.

A rationalization is typically Wishful Thinking; problems can be solved via Wishful Thinking but it takes a pragmatic mind to do so usually, somewhere along the line.

Joni's conclusion was Wishful Thinking rather than an outright Delusion. Nevermind that she hears tunes in rain patter or various other schizoid tendencies over the years -- this exchange with Miles was not evidence of any such thing. Nevermind that she's clean and sober so far as is typically known, outise of some wine in the 80's and pot in the 60's and some acid and heroin and coke in the ... but she's clean and sober and has nver suffered a psychotic break, except for the time she went up to BC and read every bit of psychology she could get her hands on -- I think that counts as a break from reality!! LOL. Just teasing!!

Noper, doper, Joni's a genius. In so very many ways. Who else would think to paint Mile's HEAD RESONANCE?

See, I have collected all her stuff and gone to every concert I could. And I pleaded with "Miles Mitchell" to put in a Guest Appearance too!! LOL!!
In my case, however, it was a Delusion rather than a rationalization -- I wasn't blowing up things out of proportion at all!! I was simply out of my mind!! HO!

I love this painting. I wouldn't want it though. It's got too much historical merit .. worth .. value. That's why I'd like to see a lot more of it = them. A series.

Of course, I'd also like to hear Joni sing "The History of Women" on a 100 CD Set, but I doubt that's going to happen either. Darn it! Darn it all! Dang! :D

I like the way his eyes are set just over the horizonline especially. That's a nice touch. Very real. Yet it has a touch of mythos. Logos + mythos always makes a good combo.

Ans what IS a Fact?

A fact is something that has occurred, something actual, an event, and it helps if there's mutual agreement about it, for one can have a random neural event that is a physical fact but it has no correspondence with events in the physical world beyond itself, eg. a schizophrenic delusion. These exist AND do "not" exist. Here, "not" merely means a thing which is at a conceptual distance beyond current theory, conversation, consideration, etc. -- it is a matter of a thing which has a very low priority all of a sudden, for one does not begin a discussiion by stating a thing is NOT, typically, unless one is a debunker, and then one really should have to supply some alternate acceptable explanation of the testimony of those disagreeing about the purported facts they've perceived and the debunker doubts.

For I could say, "Joni is NOT a Goddess" and we have first to consider the the plausibility of the possibility that she IS or MAY BE a Goddess before we can DENY her outright on grounds A, B and C. What grounds A, B and C? She is not Io, though her name is related to Io's, and she was not Zeus's lover (that we know of), and he did not turn into a cloud to hide this fact from Hera (that we know of), and she has only visited the Ionic Peninsula, it is "not" named after her, unless as an earlier incarnation one may just suppose. Or, on grounds B and C, that she is not the YONI+VERSE but only a fraction thereof, and if the part be "not" greater than the Whole, can it be wholly like unto the Whole? Nor is she The HandMaiden of God, for the Danaiides fulfill that role, as they empty their giant urns of rain upon us mere mortals from the cloudbursts! Or was she Ruth or Marian or the Madonna and Queen of Heaven, La Vierge Sacre Bleu?
Madonna would contest that and I doubt she's a virgin -- no, closer to an Asylum inmate! JOKING!

Well, in good faith, there be those of us who tire of facts and faucets and just want to turn on something but the tube, say, each other? To us, she is sacred, which means secret held to ourself by ourself.

Now, imagine you are Joni. And here is the first fact you want to express concerning Miles Davis:

"I spent the days after his death painting a portrait of him as I frequently do when I lose somebody that I cared for, and ..."

She did not want his eyes closed and mouth open. She wanted him to be alive, as she cared for him, the life he was, the sacred life he was, the sacred being he was, the Free Man, the Free Spirit and Miles and Miles he was ...

She had given him a lot of thought. She asked, and the portrait came to her. Ask, the word, is etymologically related to seek, the word. She had already asked, She had already been seeking. She says so later, that she'd invited him to accompany her. She's have been so honored, one imagines. One knows for a FACT, yes one does.

So she wanted to be near him and with him, artistically, giving of herself, lovingly, in the best way she knew how. Honorably.

When she wanted to tell the TRUTH about herself, what color did she choose? Would it be this same blue? Honesty is what runs counter to delusion and rationalization. Her hopes were well-founded; she'd worked hard. I think her intuition was correct, rather than Wishful Thinking.

I'm retracting what I said above of course. On second thought, on listening further, on considering it at greater length, I have arrived at a different conclusion, this time the same as hers. Miles was about to play with her.

Now, then, when I look at it again, I see something different. I see him waiting, waiting for the right moment, the right set of circumstances perhaps. He was warming to the idea and yet, he had yet to reach his decision. And maybe his decsion had to do with his health. HOW could he do it, that may have weighed on his mind.
WHAT would they play? Was there TIME?

Sometimes, it helps to have a theory ready, one that needs testing, maybe something derived from Newton, or Kandinsky ...  [ed.]
bozito on 2011-Sep-12 at 09:01:28 GMT-5:
It is true that in a given circle, if there be intersecting chords AB and CD at intersection point E, that rectangle AE * BE equals CE * DE, per Euclid's "Elements", Book III, Proposition 35 (amazingly enough).
Pointillistically, this means that proportional and harmonious areas and keypoints can be painted in a circular frame or area of composition.
It is also true that the NEUTRAL OPERATION can be theorized that pi + r^2 = pi * r^2 = area A. With a little algebra, this works out to:
pi/(pi - 1) = r^2, and so since pi * r^2 = A,
pi^2 / (pi - 1) = A = 4.609
It is also true that n(pi +r^2) = n(pi * r^2) = nA
so that the number or size of A can be expanded.
Suppose one wishes to paint in 1/8th by 1/8th strokes a canvas 3 feet in diameter (18" radius).
Then each inch has 8 parts, so pi*(8*18)^2=65,144 1/8th inch squares would fill that space.
65,144/4.609 = 14,135.5 areas of 2/8ths by 2/8ths.
If there are 4 instruments playing 16 beats per measure, that 64 notes/beats total per measure and 65,144/64 = about 1018 measures. At 50 measures per song, that's about 20 songs for the entire "canvas."
In an even-tempered scale, the notes are 2^(1/12) hertz apart.
Newton devised an assignment of colors to the scale of D as follows:
D:E Red 400-484 =84Hz in between
E_F Orange 484-508 =24
F:G Yellow 508-526 =18
G:A Green 526-606 =80
A:B Blue-Cyan 606-630 =24
B:C: Indigo-Blue 631-668 =37
C:D:D Violet 668-789 =121 Hz
From 400 to 789 there are 389 Hz.
Even tempered (using 440 as KeyTone w/ 2^(1/12))=
391.9954hz Red D
415.3047 Red D#
440.0000 Orange E
466.1638 Orange F
493.8833 Yellow F#
523.2511 Yellow G
554.3653 Green G#
587.3295 Green A
622.2540 Blue-Cyan A#
659.2551 Indigo Blue B
698.4565 Violet C
739.9888 Violet C#
783.9909 Violet D
I can see where one could come up with other arrangements. Kandinsky also had a system which he used in both his abstract expressionism and geometric periods.
In a Euclidean Proof, one uses only what is NECESSARY and SUFFICIENT. No waste. Inputs=outputs and so there is 100% Efficiency. Completely self-sustaining.
One may compare the number of pixels or phonemes used between language and math; the symnbology of math is much more economical and succinct, that's all -- it's more efficient. In observing nature, physics are described in words and laws, then math, then curves, then statistics, wherein curve-fitting is employed. Full fitting neglects no datapoint. The unique and the creative are blessed, blissful and cared for ... via oeillade, via caress
bozito on 2011-Sep-12 at 06:37:44 GMT-5:
Joni had a chance to face her own mortality. She's wrapped up in immortality, which is obvious to her too. Painting, music, writing -- these are things humans do that reflect the world like imperfect mirrors. As self-portraits, as egos and even egoless we are still imperfect mirrors of the universe / YoniVerse. She has painted him serious, hand to chin thoughtful, silent, perhaps reclusive; is that what his music was though? Where is her painting of His Work? I'd like to see that, more, much more -- a whole series in fact. This could be the start of a great series of studies, of paintings all about Miles, which would teach her about herself and inspire her I think to dare new directions! This work is a great achievement but it is only a beginning, a necessity, a Euclidean proof, an exercise, for it shows that the subject has been mastered for getting at the inner context of the man -- but it lacks the output and input -- what we have is the thruput appearance. She worked hard to get that I believe but now she needs to work harder and dig deeper. She needs to state what the man had to work with and what he was able to accomplish with the tool he was, the self-portrait he was to music. That, she can well understand I think! Who else is qualified to paint it? I can think of no one else!! Go for it, Joni!! ~~c.gar
bozito on 2011-Sep-12 at 05:24:04 GMT-5:
Like all art, this is a self-portrait. Joni renders herself in animus blue midnight mystery,with starry highlights. It's a work, so there's a hand, like the hand signature in cave-paintings. She's honoring work. Work = Force * Distance in old physics, and here one can FEEL that the work is cerebral and cathectic; in fact, it is the driving cathexis that is the FORCE of Life that motivates the Death HONOR. Her Master is dying, or d3ad, and she is at the ROOT of the word HONOR, which is HONI, the Circle-Drawing Rain- Bringer of "The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered." In the old days, a CONE of stones was the way men were HONORED, and the virtue was one of the few means by which a man could raise his stature in society. But she has painted the pile of stones and cone falsely, alive. His eyes should be closed and his mouth open to show that his spirit has been fully released unto the World, imho. cigar
markseibold on 2009-Nov-19 at 06:23:03 GMT-5:
Coming from an award winning astronomy artist, I say it is a masterpiece of the universe! Like all of Joni's works. And rightfully so as Miles also was.
Rab on 2009-Sep-23 at 19:25:32 GMT-5:
I think Miles would have been thinking 'what am I thinking?'...I think.
HankD on 2009-Jul-07 at 03:16:24 GMT-5:
I really like this painting, although it's very portrait like. I just love it. And the wonderfully painted hand in the foreground, just fantastic.
Hendo on 2009-Mar-18 at 04:17:30 GMT-5:
Its like one artist did the face (excellent)and a novice did the rest.