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Both Sides 1

(from Joni Mitchell Paintings Interview of Joni Mitchell by Rene Ingle © KCSN-FM December 21, 1999)
JM: In order -- it's very romantic and in order to get a Valentine's Day release -- I said, "you mean you're not going to put it out for Valentine's Day? You've got to put it out for Valentine's Day! It's so romantic. You have to give me a realistic release to push on everybody so they gave me two weeks. "So I had two weeks and I had to, you know, first I did the front which is the self-portrait. And the reason I -- I didn't know what I was going to do, but they like you to put your picture on the cover. So, you know, okay, so I figure -- they said, put your picture on the cover, that's what people -- they know you're a fine artist, Joan, but put your picture on the cover. So I see this picture lying around, and my drummer, Brian Blade, said, "oh, I like that picture. "I was in my early 30s. And I looked at it and the fold of the sleeve had a heart in it. The way it -- I went, heart on the sleeve, that's romantic, that'll do! So I grabbed it, and then I had to put jowls in it, you know, I had to age the face a little.

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Late Figurative
37 x 29 x 2¾in
Oil on canvas
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Comments on Both Sides 1

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Gavin on 2015-May-07 at 07:33:04 GMT-5:
Great painting
Anybody know where I can get a print of it
gtrsteve on 2015-Jan-12 at 05:37:07 GMT-5:
I've struck that very pose many a time during band breaks and just hanging out.
Again, I love the colors.
I really love these paintings.
pancakefrompele on 2014-Feb-03 at 19:38:06 GMT-5:
I absolutely adore this painting. I love the color, the shading, and the subject (of course). Great balance between light and dark. I also love the sexy/somber expression on her face. Reminds me of the term "ennui." I never noticed the heart on her sleeve. I feel like there might be a double meaning there: Heart because it was a Valentine's Day release, or heart on her sleeve which means there was someone in her life at that time who might have taken advantage of her open heart. Beautiful.
jbp1954 on 2012-Aug-26 at 07:28:16 GMT-5:
Always loved this painting!
kimmba on 2012-Jun-05 at 10:24:11 GMT-5:
When I see this painting all I think about is; "...On the back of a cartoon coaster
In the blue TV screen light
I drew a map of Canada
Oh Canada
With your face sketched on it twice..."

How can I get a print of this painting??
Andy on 2012-Mar-20 at 03:36:46 GMT-5:
I wouls aslo like a copy of this for the wife if any one has any idea how to get a print.
padalugra on 2012-Feb-03 at 04:41:29 GMT-5:
I have been to this place so many times in my life, minus the cigarette. People stare at you and they think you look lost, when the truth is you have never felt more found.
oprater on 2011-Aug-21 at 21:40:03 GMT-5:
Sorry, but you all seem to have missed the whole point of this painting. Please go back and view Both Sides 2 (from behind)... sign above the bar says "NO SMOKING"
JGuilbert on 2011-Aug-19 at 08:50:09 GMT-5:
What if I was having a cigarette with Joni Mitchell, what would I confide to her, were I unabashed, about this painting? (Well, 'to be or not to be..', right?) It's your most superb painting. I liked the one that you did from the seat of the taxi, looking out, which was brilliant. This one, though, shows a sensitivity to all that's sumptuous in Art, and penetrates, rather thoughtfully, the artists themselves. Yearning and solitude. All artists are under the influence of other great artists; how couldn't they be? But it takes one to know that the decision you took to tilt the table forward and distort the parabola of the glass of wine was right on. And the embers of orange in the blue, glowing remote in the obsurity but oh so alive, and the shadows of it in the eyes. The hand is so poignant, and fingers curled, just the little tips showing, brings a flood of emotion and remembrances of youth and tenderness. Yet above all, the appearance, for we must make one; the epiphany, not yet withered, defined: exactly alive.
TKMoore on 2011-Jul-20 at 18:24:01 GMT-5:
Wonderfully languid pose!
carolwalker on 2011-Feb-01 at 20:57:46 GMT-5:
this is the most amazing painting,,,I could just look at it forever,,,captures a place I would love to be,,
CatsWhisker on 2010-Dec-13 at 02:04:38 GMT-5:
A wonderful painting. I would definitely place an order for a print if one became available.
dbregnard on 2010-Oct-24 at 06:11:59 GMT-5:
Same for me: a good repro, or THE ORIGINAL (there are a lot of banks full of sleepy monney)....
Dana on 2010-Sep-28 at 11:57:12 GMT-5:
I also love this painting and would love to purchase a print. If anyone can tell me how, that would be wonderful.
michaeltheretired on 2009-Dec-09 at 10:27:43 GMT-5:
My wife loves this painting and I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to obtain a print. I don't think I can afford the original. Any ideas.