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(L-R) Vinnie Colaiuta, Mike Landau, Joni Mitchell, Larry Klein, Russell Ferrante. (Photo by Norman Seeff to accompany the 'Wild Things Run Fast Tour' in 1983.)

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Photographic process on paper
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Comments on Untitled

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nuclearmind on 2011-Jul-11 at 22:27:47 GMT-5:
There's Sarah Kemble, Elenora Dusa, Sandy Dennis, Mary In The Garden, and Ms. Mitchell.
robstef on 2010-Aug-15 at 14:30:31 GMT-5:
Amazing pic of joni looking so happy
Evajean on 2010-Mar-28 at 13:43:13 GMT-5:
I saw this concert in St Louis and it was a dream come true! I had no idea Joni was married until she introduced her bass player, Larry Klein as her" bass player-husband", I was shocked and they went right into the song, I heard it on the grapevine, and yes, it blew my mind!! Just sayin..
zonalgman92 on 2010-Mar-17 at 16:09:08 GMT-5:
All the happy energy seems to be going from JM to the right of the foto. Vinnie & Mike look somewhat subdued. Good foto brought to life by Joni's joy!
pugmug74 on 2009-Jul-24 at 22:42:27 GMT-5:
The photo beams energy and harmony that one can almost feel.