The Mountain Loves The Sea

Joni's comments from the StarArt book: "'The Mountain Loves The Sea,' which became the album cover for 'Court and Spark', was done on my land in Vancouver. It was done in a moment of whimsy. It's a metaphor for the way the waves met up with the mountain; the way they embraced one another." Original apparently owned by Rosie O'Donnell.

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Yackorama on

I saw her Court and Spark Tour live in PA and it remains the first concert I've ever attended. I would be highly interested in this artwork if it became available for sale.

Kit Autry on

Loved this album when it came out. Truely Inspirational. EVERY SONG. This was one that you bought to play and, couldn't wait to flip it over. Always Thought that " Free Man In Paris" was about her. And after 4 Decades found out it was really about David Geffen. " Stokin the Star Makin Machinery, Behind the popular Song". Peace KIT

hilljanice on

How I love this painting.