This was used as the cover for the album "Dreamland".

From the Trailblazer Interview by Camille Paglia, August 2005)

CP: You have a fire image on the front of Dreamland.

JM: Oh, that's just George W. Bush burning down the world. All my paintings lately have been Bush bonfires. It's the same as the forest fire in Bambi, with the hideous white hunger.

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KeithC on

I have only just begun my journey, so I know very little. But that image is quite startling and intense. It feels almost like a tarot cared image. A portal to somewhere else.

AnnBrodnax on

This image really moved me because of it's simplicity of bringing flowers out of the raging fire yet conveying such an important message of the spreading fires throughout the world. Hopefully, the fires will be contained in a civilized manner now that Bush is gone.
A happier Texan.