Jackson - The New Orleans Laundromat

Joni's comments from the StarArt book: "This is from a picture I took of Jackson Browne, who was on tour with me at the time. The thing I enjoyed about this picture was the way the VW van intersected his chest and the way the circles of those multi-colored wall dryers intersected the doorways. Also, the lighting was incredible. It was late in the afternoon and there was that rich golden light saturating all the buildings outside and the fluorescent lights were on in the cleaners."

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jasooo on

Please let me know if you would entertain an offer for this painting - my father used to work with Jackson and this would mean the world to him. Thank you!

bigbendersteve on

to Skeetler1:
If you are interested in selling this piece, please contact me.

skeetler1 on

Bought this a while ago in an auction. The play of reflection and the palette are what attracted me to it. It's a pleasure to have it on the wall.