1979 Tour Shirt

This is the graphic Joni designed to put on t-shirts for the 1979 tour with Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorius, and others.

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CDSteve on

Wow, I love the design of this T-shirt. I wish I could buy one.
My size is men's S or M in case anyone has one to sell - thanks! <3

LyndaB on

I was on this tour with Joni and the Persauasions, who opened up for her. Was given this t-shirt and sadly have lost it over the years. So glad to see this image, though. Brings back wonderful memories.

msilva72 on

I saw Joni with Pat, Jaco and Michael Brecker---I had just graduated from high school. I told my parents the only gift I wanted was to see Joni live. I have been to many concerts since, and that one still rates in the top 5. Love you, Joni! Michele from Boston.

courtandspark86 on

i love this <3

i actually own and wear this t-shirt, probably once a week:)

used to be my mom's. rescued from a pile of random clothing from my dear grammy:).

i know it's prolly a better idea to not wear the shirt, but i can't help it, i love it so much:) and her so much too <3

the actual shirt is faded baby blue color. soooooo soft:)