This painting showed up for sale on eBay in January of 2006. No other information is known about it other than that it is signed by Joni and marked '1978'

(Note from Jamie Zubairi: Unusually this painting seems to be an earlier form of abstract expressionism that Joni produced of this size, reserving that style of work for the mid-80s and doesn't relate to her works like 'Mingus Down in Mexico' or 'Chair in the Sky', produced around the same time. Unlike the earlier Abstract Expressionist 'Orion' (1974) which uses the brush, this painting uses almost Pollock-like drips and manipulations of the paint and is vibrant in its colour and energy, maintaining no resemblance to the heated 'Sweet Sucker Dance' (1976) or the calm 'BC Forest' (1979) which move from Expressionism to Landscape. Joni's eclectic approach to her music continues through to her art.)

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LarryO on

It reminds me of the pathogens of Morgellons disease. Sad.

herecomesthesun3 on

simply wonderful...

johnnyjemimah on

Just everything about this painting intriques me. The colours, the style of it. It looks like it's underwater and it looks like outerspace. Simply fasinating!!! I love it.