This lithograph is one of three different images made in 1976 by Joni Mitchell during the release of her landmark album Hejira. Each image was printed in a limited edition of 100 and sets of all three were given away by her as Christmas presents to friends and family that year. This print is from a set numbered "82/100" and signed by Joni as well as the printmaker Cynthia Marsh. The back side of each print is stamped "Chemistry" and includes the names of all the people associated with the Hejira artwork.

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River_11 on

Hello, I love this set of 3 'Chemistry' lithographs and am seriously interested in buying the set, or failing that, individual pieces. If you are are seeking to sell all or any of them, ( in particular the one of Joni skating along the river into the distance), please let me know. Many thanks!