Louise Goffin

Liner notes to Louise's 2020 album:

The cover of this album, Two Different Movies, is a sketch the great Joni Mitchell drew of me when I was a child, eleven years old, and given to me on the spot, backstage in a locker room at a Carole King, James Taylor and Jo Mama show in Scotland. She signed it on the back in pencil, "Joan Mitchell". My younger sister Sherry (who got one too) and I were traveling with our mom because it was summer, and even though our mom was another giant in the world of songwriting, she still was "mommy" to us. Joni was one of the most influential and inspired songwriters both personally for me in my teenage years and whose work influenced a lineage of singer-songwriters who wouldn't have existed without her.

Her talents seemed to drip from everything she touched - pianos, watercolors, words, melodies, tunings, dulcimers and more. Her records were the soundtrack to my teenage hood, growing up in Laurel Canyon, and I treasured this drawing throughout my life.

When I had the idea to use this sketch as the cover of Two Different Movies, I wanted to do it with Joni's blessings. I reached out to her people and in no less than a week got a response back, "Joni thinks it'll make a great record cover."

Thank you, Joni.

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