B.C. Forest

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Michele W on

I have lived in BC my whole life, except for a three year sojourn to LA in the 80s. This painting captures the forest in one of its awe-inspiring cathedral moments when the light, colour, texture, scent, and sound makes up all the world. By filling the canvas so completely, the viewer slips in between the trees to experience a forest bath, Shinrin-yoku, for herself. I don't know where this was painted, but it takes me to a coast (rather than interior) forest of spruce, fir, cedar, salal, sword fern, and nursery trees. It reads as part of the painting legacy of Emily Carr and the Group of Seven - a quintessential Canadian lens on landscape. Haunting and primordial like the coastal land itself. This should be in a place of honour at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria next to Carr's work.