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1969.06.29 Joni's next appearance Place des Arts [Salle Wilfred-Pelletier] Montreal, QC

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  • <i>The Montreal Gazette</i><br>
Friday, June 27, 1969<br>
Page 9
  • <i>The Montreal Gazette</i><br>
Wednesday, June 27, 1969<br>
Page 17
  • <i>The Montreal Gazette</i><br>
Saturday, April 12, 1969<br>
Page 45

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SandraAdams on

Contrary to the Montreal Gazette article, I do not remember being perplexed by Joni's lyrics, I remember being enthralled. Everything about the night was magic and Joni alone on stage seemed not quite real - but a shimmering, angelic presence. No other memory of that period is quite as vivid to me. Over 40 years have passed and I can still feel exactly how it felt to be 15 and to be sitting in that hall, transported by her music.