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1972.05.03 Joni's next appearance Odeon Theatre Manchester, England

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Arthur on

I enjoyed every moment of this concert, every note and every word from Joni's mouth, loved her so much.

I went with my old friend Chris Proud on my new Yamaha motorcycle, just parked it outside the venue on the street, how times have changed.

Unlike Joni's words, etched deep into my skin, songs are like tattoos.

RwR on

I agree, it was a fantastic concert, Joni's playing was unbelievably precise & powerful, she really knocked everybody's socks off ... We had driven 40 miles to be there, & looking at Joni's concert record, she never played again in the north of England, so we were really lucky. I was there with my dear friend Rex, who died a few years back from cancer. Only concert I ever went to with another guy :-) but we both were trying (unsuccessfully) to work out her chord sequences ... what a marvellous musician ! Pity I'm 40 years older !

Arthur on

I had loved Joni's work since Seagull and adored the thought of seeing her in person, still my favourite songwriter of all time and my preferred choice of lyrics when I sing alone.

Astonishingly good.

The concert, cannot believe it was 39 years ago, was a great night Jackson singing about Jamaica say you will and endearing us to him but Joni, the musicianship and fabulous lyrics, amazing Joni.

DaveB on

The Odeon 'theatre'was a cinema,rarely used for concerts.
Jackson Browne opened the concert for Joni.Great acoustics and a full house hanging on her every word.
Jackson was attracting interest by May 73.'Doctor My Eyes'had received airplay etc.
Joni was well established and rapturously received by an enthusiastic Manchester audience.I had been playing dulcimer since July 70 and was really interested in Joni's sound and technique.Joni's guitar was great and the grand piano was an unusual feature of a 'rock ' concert.
After the show I got Joni's autograph.Not many people waited...Her signature is a proud feature in my collection,along with that of James Taylor who I met after the concert at The Free Trade Hall,Manchester in July 71.
Fabulous performers/concerts and wonderful to have met them.
Happy days....