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1972.11.19 Joni's next appearance The Troubadour W. Hollywood, CA

Steve Ferguson also performed. Two sets nightly.

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singerofmarcie on

This took place at the Troubadour in West Hollywood .
I had bought some flowers for Joni, to show my appreciation. Back then I guess people didn't do that too much...Anyway, the people I was with said I wouldn't have enough courage to give them to her. I said I was going to the restroom, but I went back stage, knocked on her door, and when no one answered, I was about to pin the bouquet on her door with a note attached. She opened the door at the same time, so I shyly said "these are for you." She said thank you, smiled and asked me my name. Then she gave me a hug. When she finally came on stage, one of my flowers was there at the top of her guitar. She said my name and said these were from Barbara. The people I came with were in a state of shock. Needless to say, I was in seventh heaven listening to Joni weave her tales of the many journeys and promises of love as she went from song to song. No one tells a story in song like Joni. .....even my high school English teacher tapped into Joni's lyrical journey through song and music ....and allowed us students, to listen, learn and follow.