A Chronology of Appearances

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1974.02.11 Joni's next appearance Kleinhans Music Hall Buffalo, NY

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  • Photo by Amy Jaffe
  • Photos by Jackson
  • Photo by Jackson

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adjaffe on

I along with 4 other friends, went to see Joni at Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo, on a freezing February night. It was a thrill to see her live, and how wonderful it was that her music live was even better than the recordings.

We waited outside after the show to see her come out. She was escorted by two gentlemen who were making sure she didn't slip on the icey steps.

When she came near, I called her name and she turned to me, the only thing I could think of to say was, "Joni, can I have a kiss?" to which she quickly and sweetly replied "sure!". She kissed me on the cheek, and when my friends saw this, they all came running over to her each asking for a kiss - and she gave them.

We drove home afterward laughing and smiling in amazement, and thrilled that we each had her lipstick marks on our cheeks.

Polla on

In 1974, I was friends with the local promoter who brought this concert to Buffalo. I was enjoying a little local success playing music and had worshipped Ms. Mitchell's music since first hearing it at Mariposa in 1969. I was given the opportunity to go backstage between sets to see her and give her flowers. But I was so nervous, I had shredded them before I could give them to her. When she walked by I am afraid all I could do was gawk like an idiot. Later on I lived in LA and worked as a receptionist for her business management team. Whenever she was in the offices, I was mesmerized. She is a true phenom. The real thing! Truly grateful for all the times her music got me thinking or in touch or even overwhelmed with feeling.