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1974.02.14 Joni's next appearance Syria Mosque Pittsburgh, PA

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  • This photo represents a very personal moment for me, to finally see her. Thank you, Joni, for all you have meant to me through the years. [debbiek]

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Roccoslove on

My very very first concert. I was supposed to babysit for a couple for Valentine's Day but the wife was sick and asked if I would like to go. I was thrilled. The mosque was a sacred location, with incredible acoustics. A night I will never forget. Thank you Joni.

Jacob on

I worked as reservation manager at the hotel Joni was staying at. I was all of 22 and had these older women making fun of me about how nervous I was. When she came in, I rushed to hear and ask her to sign "The Hissing of Summer Lawns."
I had two dozen roses in her room and she called down and asked that the two door between her suites be unlocked, and you know I ran up. When she saw the roses she read the card and mumbled "Michael who?" And I said they were from me, that I was a very big fan. Sounded like an idiot! She thanked me and remember that she had the roses taken and put on stage and from the second row...I can still hear her sing "blue"

mother4earth on

I went with my college roommates to see this Valentine's Day concert, a 75 mile drive from IUP. It was so magical. We were in the 12th row and 2 years later I saw Joni in Pittsburgh on Valentine's Day, AGAIN! That time I was in the 12th row again. Given my youth, my hippie-ness, my burgeoning spirituality, I felt certain that it was sign of some sort. See 2/14/76 for further info... Musically, I was entranced. My spirit soared and my mind was blown. She was in my heart forever from that day on....

sandypegg on

My husband took me to this concert for Valentine's Day. We were newlyweds.
She was absolutely mesmerizing. When she came on stage with just her dulcimer and her beautiful voice you could have heard a pin drop in the Syria Mosque. I will never forget it as long as I live!! It is the only concert that I have ever seen that I remember the exact date that I saw it. Joni's music got me through the painful breakup of that marriage a few years later. I still listen to her all the time. "A Case of You" is my all time favorite song.