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1974.03.09 Joni's next appearance Highland High School Auditorium Salt Lake City, UT

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Scottg21 on

I was having dinner at Snowbird that night and Joni and the band came in for a later dinner. I was 16 at the time and only vaguely knew who she was. I would have loved to said hello. Perhaps someday.

BonnevilleBruce on

Dear All,

I was privileged to see Joni Mitchell, 1974.03.09, at the Highland High School Auditorium in Salt Lake City, UT. She was on the "Miles of Aisles" Tour with Tom Scott and The L.A. Express. Her performance was very similar to the album in content. The venue was very small, a high school auditorium, that seated about 1,500 folks. The room had tiled walls, so the sound was clean and lively.

La Mitchell sat at a big black grand piano with a small bouquet of a single red rose on the side. She was radiant, and graciously benevolent to her audience. I wanted to crawl down the stairs to the stage and propose marriage to La Mitchell. Only shyness and decorum kept me from that. Joni was personable and told some funny stories about the songs and the band. This performance was close to the album in all respects. It was a very warm and intimate performance with the Express giving it their all to perform those spectacular songs in their highest forms. They all succeeded admirably. It was everything one could want from La Mitchell, she was magnificent.

Born and raised in Sandy, Utah

cfilby on

Seeing Joni Mitchell live is and was a .life altering experience. This show was flawless, the intensity of Joni's presence is still with me. I wonder if she really understands the power she has, does she know what a difference she made/makes to people. To this day I can listen to anything by Joni and be taken to a very special place, she is #1 on my deserted island play list.