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1976.02.24 Joni's next appearance War Memorial Coliseum Syracuse, NY

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  • Photo by Gail Dickinson

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wooleyjan on

Love seeing these three images! I was right up close to the stage left at this concert, at age 22! I dont remember what seat I had, but I did go up close for most of it! I remember being mesmerized by it, I knew every song and every word and sang along. I also remember she apologized because she had a cold, but thought she sounded fantastic! Etched in my memory forever.

rowezone on

I was in one of the front 10 rows on the floor. It was an evening I'll never forget. Absolute perfection and total enjoyment. It will surely be one of the best concerts that I'll ever experience in my lifetime.

twistedelectricity on

I still have my ticket stub. Section 12, Row J, Seat 9. I was 20 when I saw her again at this concert. I had seen her the first time two years before at SPAC. I particularly remember when it was just Joni and her piano performing Shades of Scarlet Conquering. It touched me deeply and I believe I wept. I can still see the flames from the lighters in the audience. I am now 57 and she remains my most favorite. I know this site is not sanctioned by you, Joni Mitchell, but just in case you peek in, thank you for your words, your music, your voice, your spirit.

Cowboy51 on

My main memory of this concert is that Joni's voice was perfect and her singing
The first half of the show, Joni was solo on guitar and also performed a few songs with her back-up band - the second half was especially memorable, just
Joni and a piano. I particularly remember "Shades of Scarlet Conquering".
Joni, at that time, had been my favorite artist for a number of years. So I
was afraid before the concert that her live performance might not live-up to
my expectations. I was not disapointed! Gordon ( gmmnov5@aol.com)