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1976.01.23 Joni's next appearance Municipal Auditorium San Antonio, TX

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  • San Antonio Light newspaper ad from January 18.
  • Photo by <a style="color: white;" href="https://www.susanriley.com/" target="_blank">Susan Riley</a>
  • Photo by <a style="color: white;" href="https://www.susanriley.com/" target="_blank">Susan Riley</a>

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DeniseSchillaci on

My older sister took me to this concert when I was 16 years old. It was my first concert and I still love Joni Mitchell music to this day, so many years and so many miles later. I had just gotten contacts and I lost one at the end of the show as we were leaving. We had everyone crawling on the floor looking for it. I think my sister was afraid she would be held responsible by my parents. But we were blessed and we found it. -Denise Miller Schillaci

scottm on

Can't remember specific songs performed but remembered leaving Municipal Auditorium in an altered state....in a fantastic way because of the music! I can remember Joni sitting at the grand piano doing some songs solo, then the band coming back out to accompany her. This was the one & only time I saw Joni live...Always wondered why she never returned to S.A. again....maybe she did & I missed it?